Guide for Setting Questions

Set questions that have not been asked recently.

Use questions that have short, concise answers. Underlining important words can be useful but if the answer is short then it will not be required.

Use a varied mixture of medium/difficult questions, some to tax the best but some not to tax the worst.

Set a few spare questions in case a question is missing etc.( see Rules). For Knockout/Plate matches set a tie break question (nearest number to the answer etc.) as a results is needed on the night.


Seal the first half and second half questions in separate envelopes, and put into another envelope. Download the score sheet from the website. Put one score sheet into the envelope.

Write on the front of each envelope a fixture from that night’s list. This prevents two sets of questions going to the same match if the away team have made a mistake in who should be picking up the questions.

Someone from your team needs to be at Chalkers from 8.30pm with the questions.